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LINCE offers its installers a wide range of dedicated services, first of all the new online shop which allows you to purchase LINCE products with extreme ease. Register (or log in) to have access to exclusive prices and offers, dedicated technical support, refresher courses on the latest industry news.

Dedicated discounts and deferred payments!

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A team of specialists to support you for design and technical assistance

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A complete range of products designed according to industry standards

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In this video Arianna tells us all the advantages of the new LINCE online shop

Shop Online

If you are an installer, today you have the opportunity to purchase all the products of the LINCE Catalogue without going to the store. Simply register or log in to your profile to view the Shop, with dedicated discounts and offers. The material will arrive conveniently at the address indicated by courier and with free shipping always for our most loyal installers, or for everyone with order amounts starting from € 49.00. Furthermore, you can make the payment by card, PayPal, bank transfer or cash on delivery and with the possibility of paying the amount in installments. Even if the material is not available, contact us to speed up the order. Possibility to collect the goods on site.


Support and Training

The installers have access to various reference figures at LINCE, for different needs. Our Security Specialists support installers from both a technical and commercial perspective, our CAT provides non-stop technical assistance over the phone, and it is also possible to request support in the design of large plants.


Our BABY outdoor detector effectively protects all accesses to your property

Innovative Products

LINCE proudly designs and produces high-technology security systems in Italy, according to the highest quality standards. The wide range of our catalogue is able to satisfy every installation need.


Our LSS Silvio supports our Partner Alessandro Messina

Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty Program is designed for all LINCE installers. By purchasing products on our Shop, you accumulate points which are immediately transformed into €uro credit, which you can decide to deduct from your purchases at check-out, to get increasingly discounted prices! Furthermore, the loyalty of our installers is also rewarded by providing installation opportunities through our advertising investments! Click here to apply and become an #ioL LINCE installer.


Flexible payments and delivery wherever you want

When you place an order you can decide the payment method you prefer, you have also the possibility of collecting your order directly at our offices and shipping costs are always free for our most loyal installers.

The GOLD 869 System and the Cloud platform

Our LSSs in this photo represent the wide range of GOLD devices to defend your property

GOLD 869 System: the best answer to any need

The GOLD 869 is an innovative wireless anti-intrusion system for indoor and outdoor protection, capable of managing up to 64 radio peripherals and 5 wired zones expandable to 30. Here are the main features:

  • two-way system
  • double transmission band (868 – 869 MHz) on five communication channels
  • no inhibitions
  • up to 1.5 km in open air
  • regulation of peripherals from the control panel
  • management via APP programming and management via SW or Cloud


You can combine the GOLD 869 system control panel with a wide range of detectors, all with anti-masking function, with double or triple technology. The videoverification function is integrated with MAZi. The GOLD 869 system is connected and manageable through the Cloud.



Our President Alessandrino Mercuri represents the LINCE Cloud, always available wherever you are

Discover our Cloud Platform

With the LINCE Cloud installers can remotely check for free the status of the managed systems and understand where and how to intervene.

Here are some examples of operations:

  • receive notifications for anomalies or alarms
  • manage up to 3 plants in the area
  • view the composition of the system
  • assign a status to each system
  • draw up the “to do list”.

Furthermore, with a Premium membership, you can have access to:

  • One Time Password for remote management (of systems of which you are not the maintenance technician)
  • unlimited management of multiple systems.



A complete range of products

Security is everything for us

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Over 1000 products available


Find out more about the LINCE Shop

The new LINCE Shop is dedicated to all installers in Italy. If you are an installer, now you can purchase the LINCE Catalogue products without going to the store. Simply register or log in to your profile to view the Shop, with discounts and dedicated offers. To protect our installers, once you have registered, the VAT number entered will be verified and only if the verification is successful you will receive an email with confirmation of your account. The material will arrive conveniently at the address you indicated by courier. It is also possible to collect your order directly at our offices.

When you place an order, you can select your preferred payment method throughout the process. You can use different payment methods to make purchases on our site:

  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard circuit)
  • PayPal (even up to 3 installments)
  • Ordinary bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery

With payment by ordinary bank transfer, the shipment of the goods will take place only after LINCE has received confirmation of payment.

By choosing payment with PayPal, you can pay for your purchases easily even in 3 installments spread over two months and without interest. “Pay in 3 installments” is available for eligible purchases from €30.00 to €2,000.00, for natural persons of legal age (or sole proprietorships) and holders of a Personal PayPal account for which they are registered as residents in Italy. For more details, click here.

If you are not used to buy online, you can select the cash on delivery payment method, which allows you to pay when you physically receive the product. This means that no payment is made at the time of the order but, only when the goods are delivered, the courier requests payment to deliver the product purchased online.


There are different payment solutions: cash, bank cheque, bank draft or postal order.

The maximum amount for cash payments ranges from €3,000.00 to €4,999.00, depending on the carrier in charge of delivery.

Cash on delivery is not free, but costs €3.00 (which will be added to the total amount at the time of ordering). You can clarify any further doubts with our Sales Office when you are contacted to arrange the shipment of the goods.


Shipments are made by courier throughout Italy, including the islands, and the related costs depend only on the amount of the order (FREE shipping for orders over € 49.00). Below € 49.00 you will be charged € 7.90 for each shipment. For our most loyal customers it will be possible to take advantage of free shipping starting from a minimum order amount of € 19.00. Contact our LINCE Security Specialists to understand how to become a loyal #ioL installer (or apply here) and take advantage of these benefits. For all LINCE Partners, however, shipping is always free!

If you want to use a courier of your choice, to get a more favorable price, specify this when ordering and you will be contacted by our Sales Office, by telephone or e-mail, to organize the delivery of your order.

It is also possible to request the collection of your order at our office, located in Via Variante di Cancelliera snc in Ariccia (RM). Our Sales Office will notify you by telephone or email when your order is ready for collection.

Whatever product is ordered, LINCE aims to guarantee a quality delivery service. For items in stock, shipments are processed the same day. Depending on the location of your order, the average delivery time is estimated at 2-5 working days.

Have you never made an online purchase, despite being tempted, and you need assistance with the first access to our new Shop? The LINCE Security Specialists are at your disposal to give you all the support you need. Contact your trusted LSS, who will guide you step-by-step for this pleasant browsing experience. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him/her yet, look for the contact person in your area here and find his contact details for support.

The Discount Code is issued in the form of a promotional code (alphanumeric code) to be inserted in the order summary page. You can receive it during special promotions or by participating in our Shop presentation webinars.


Although the right of withdrawal does not apply to Customers who purchase for purposes related to their work activity, the LINCE installer has a withdrawal period of 7 working days, starting from delivery of the product, which allows him to cancel all or part of the order and to return the product (new, not installed) bearing only the shipping costs. To exercise the right of withdrawal, simply download and fill out the Returns form and send it by email to vendite@lince.net. However, LINCE reserves the right to evaluate each return request before giving feedback to the Customer.

LINCE decides to grant its installers the possibility of replacing the product in case of defects within 14 days of receiving the product, without any additional costs. For the installer to be entitled to a replacement without charge, he must take care to fill out the replacement form on our website and send it by e-mail to vendite@lince.net. LINCE reserves the right to evaluate any request for replacement, which will certainly not be granted in the following cases:

  • the LINCE material was not installed in a “workmanlike manner”;
  • the LINCE material has been damaged for any reason or due to atmospheric phenomena;
  • the LINCE material was mounted on a mixed system with products from other brands;
  • the connection cables of the LINCE equipment have been cut or modified;
  • LINCE equipment has been opened, modified or repaired by unauthorized centres.

LINCE guarantees the products sold in its online shop according to current regulations and in the same way as the material purchased at electrical material sales points. The warranty, which includes the free repair or replacement of defective goods, has the following duration from the date shown on the purchase document:

  • Burglar Alarm System material: 5 years
  • fire-fighting material: 2 years
  • video surveillance material: 2 years
  • material subject to wear and tear (lead batteries, lithium batteries, etc.): 1 year, according to legal regulations.

LINCE guarantees only the components of the system but not the system itself, for which the installer is solely responsible and must take care to implement it in a “workmanlike manner”. LINCE declines all responsibility for damage to people or things caused by unsuitable installation and/or poor maintenance.

LINCE does not recognize the guarantee on its products if:

  • the LINCE material was not installed in a “workmanlike manner”;
  • the LINCE material has been damaged for any reason or due to atmospheric phenomena;
  • the LINCE material was mounted on a mixed system with products from other brands;
  • the connection cables of the LINCE equipment have been cut or modified;
  • LINCE equipment has been opened, modified or repaired by unauthorized centres;

The existence of single defective units does not lead to the termination of the sales contract. The repaired/replaced material enjoys a minimum guarantee of six months, from the date reported on the repair technical data sheet issued by the LINCE or CAT authorized LINCE laboratories; alternatively, the original warranty of the product remains valid, minus the period between the date of purchase of the product and the date shown on the repair technical data sheet issued by the LINCE or CAT authorized LINCE laboratories.

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