Don’t you feel safe at home?

Secure your home and loved ones with a professional and easy-to-use alarm system

Thanks to the LINCE GOLD alarm system we bring security and serenity to your home with a wireless alarm, always connected to your Smartphone and tailor-made for you by our team of specialists.

Quick installation
Smartphone APP
2-year guarantee
No Subscription Required
LINCE specialists at your disposal!

Over 500,000 Italian families have already chosen LINCE for their safety, more than 1,000 specialized installers. For over 45 years, safety has been our business.

In Italy, 520 home thefts take place every day

A theft every 3 minutes. We know how scary it is, so our goal is to secure your home and make you sleep peacefully.

No more anxieties and fears for you and your loved ones, but the certainty of a safe environment with no access for criminals.

If you have already suffered a break-in on your properties, you know very well what it feels like and how much you want to never experience a similar discomfort again.

To succeed in this mission, it is necessary not only to install a good alarm system, but to choose a reliable solution over time, which guarantees 360° protection: assistance, support and continuous updatin

LINCE Alarm System

Our alarm guarantees 360° protection (24h/ 24h) without interfering in your normal daily life. Thanks to non-invasive systems, with smart technology and manageable directly from your Smartphone, you will protect your home at any time.

We can make you feel more peaceful by protecting your home without disturbing you.

This is why we have developed an easy-to-use anti-intrusion system (with a 2-year guarantee). Designed and manufactured in Italy, to guarantee you high standards of safety and quality.

Thanks to our team of specialists, you will have customized solutions, efficiency and reliability.

Security has never been easier.

Wireless alarm
2-Year Warranty
Certified System
Rilevatore da esterno BOBBY

Security has never been so easy!


Simple, Safe, Flexible

LINCE GOLD is the innovative and flexible anti-intrusion system that allows you to control your home (whatever its size and structure) easily from your smartphone.

Monitor your home in real time with the dedicated APP, check the status of your home and sleep peacefully, starting from € 499, all inclusive (VAT and installation included)

With LINCE GOLD you won’t have to pay any subscription.

Videosurveillance also from Smartphone
Free inspection
Quick installation without building works

Dynamic and Versatile

With LINCE GOLD you can also protect environments other than your home, independent and secondary.

Our system is suitable for the protection of garage boxes, seaside or mountain house or for a shop and commercial activity.

With our APP you can remotely control and monitor your systems whenever and wherever you want

We are always by your side!

With over 45 years’ experience, we know what you need for your peace of mind. One of us is at your service in every Lince product.


Fabio Bonsignore
Production Manager

Fabio is our ever-vigilant siren, always ready to signal danger with her “megaphone”: anyone up to no good will know what to expect when they see her.

A useful device as a highly visible acoustic and visual deterrent. It commands the attention of anyone in the vicinity.

Anti-panic radio control

Roberto Di Crosta
Warehouse Worker

Roberto is our anti-panic radio control to reassure grandma and be always by her side to protect her from any danger.

The perfect device for protecting the elderly. A simple press of a button will send a request for help via the alarm system.

Smoke detector

Paola Marcellini
Administration Manager

Paola is our smoke detector, ready to prevent any domestic accident: vigilant in your kitchen or hazardous areas. Fire is no longer a hazard with him around.

The smoke detector helps to prevent fires in the home, especially in kitchens, cellars and boiler rooms. Greater security in our daily lives.

Anti-flood detector

Leonardo Angelastro
Technical Assistance Manager

Leonardo keeps a close eye on everything in the laundry: he is our anti-flood detector who takes charge of the situation. No more cloths for mopping up and drying. He will help you prevent the risk of flooding in your home.

Device to use to notify flooding or water leaks in places like kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Outdoor detectors

Valentina Caramanna
Credit Manager

Valentina is our outdoor detectors: keeping a watchful eye on your patio doors to protect your children. With his vigilant eye, he immediately detects any danger outside your home.

The outdoor detectors are one of Lince’s flagship products: ideal for protecting doors, windows and outdoor areas, like the garden. They help to prevent intruders gaining access to your home.


Manuela Marziale
IT Manager

When Manuela is in the garden, he recognises your pets. He is the pet-immunity function which avoids false alarms and allows your pets to run around freely without setting off our detectors.

The pet-immunity function of our outdoor detectors recognises your pets and so, avoids false alarms. Your four-legged friends will have a free, protected open space.


Silvia Toppi
Production Employee

Silvia is our CCTV system: with her binoculars, she keeps an eye on all your property; she observes every angle from her lookout, guaranteeing the security you are seeking for your home.

Adding CCTV to your alarm system means gaining an extra level of protection. You can check on your home, at any time of day, via the App thanks to the video cameras installed.


Donatella Botta
Marketing Manager

Donatella is our Cloud platform: here she is taking care of your data throughout day with a nice cup of coffee. All under control 24/7.

Lince has a Cloud platform on certified, 100% Italian servers. Our alarm system is constantly connected 24/7 and your data are safe.


Under Control 24/7

Wherever you are, with our APP for smartphones (iOS and Android)

Enable and disable
Manage your system remotely
Monitor and check your premises at any time
Receive alerts
Receive personalised notifications
System control
Watch what’s happening in real time
Multi-system management
Control multiple properties from one device
Home automation integration
Connect the alarm to external devices

Keep your home secure and preserve your peace of mind: book a free consultation now to find out more!


About us

A team at your service

We take care of everything and if you have any problems, we are always here!


A team of specialists to design your custom alarm system.


Professionals providing support for creating large systems.


A network of trusted partners throughout the country


Specialised technicians for after-sales support

Lince+ warranty

Your system is guaranteed for 2 years: our specialised staff will help with any problem to guarantee you security and support tailored to your requirements

We are always at your service

Do you want feel secure and safe in your home? Don’t worry. We’ll take care of everything.


Over 500,000 Italian families have already chosen LINCE for their safety, more than 1,000 specialized installers. For over 45 years, safety has been our business.


Frequent questions

No, with LINCE GOLD you aren’t obliged to pay any monthly fee. You can independently manage your system at no additional cost. If you then want to connect your system to an Operations Center, you can activate a Service with a fee through a certified Partner.

Absolutely not. Our alarm system is wireless, so you don’t need to do any house masonry work.

Yes, LINCE GOLD is a complete system that provides you with all the components of an innovative burglar alarm: indoor and outdoor volumetric detectors, barriers to protect your garden or terrace, sensors for doors and windows and a complete video surveillance system.

Absolutely not. Our quotes are without any commitment on your part.

To determine the cost of the alarm it is necessary to evaluate your needs: in this way you can have a clear and transparent price. For this we invite you to request a free inspection at your home.

Security Made in Italy

All our products are designed and produced in Italy


Years of experience


Alarms installed


Patents filed


Years of warranty


Devices produced

About us

Since 1975, LINCE ITALIA has made a name for itself as a leading company in the security sector.

This success stems from the extensive experience it has acquired over the years and the desire to create something unique, tailored to the needs of installers and end users. Our products, which are made in Italy and acclaimed the world over, are in step with market expectations, guaranteeing all the precision and innovation of anti-intrusion technology.

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