Support terms and conditions



The terms and conditions outlined here are only valid for LINCE material sold within Europe.
LINCE guarantees its products according to the legislation in force. The warranty, which includes the free repair and replacement of faulty goods, is valid for the following duration from the date indicated on the purchase receipt:

  • Anti-intrusion material: 2 years
  • Fire prevention material: 2 years
  • CCTV material: 2 years
  • Safety lighting material: 2 years
  • Material subject to wear (lead batteries, lithium batteries, etc.): 1 year, according to the law, except for safety lighting batteries which are guaranteed for 2 years.

LINCE only guarantees system components but not the system itself for which the installer is solely responsible and must ensure that it is professionally installed.
LINCE declines all responsibility for harm to persons or property caused by inappropriate installation and/or poor maintenance.
LINCE can be held responsible for manufactured products only and exclusively under the terms expressly laid down in the Italian Presidential Decree no. 224 of 24/5/1988.


LINCE does not recognise the warranty on its products if:

  • The LINCE material has not been installed to professional standards;
  • The LINCE material has been damaged for any reason or by adverse weather conditions;
  • The LINCE material has been installed on a mixed system with products by other brands;
  • The connection cables of the LINCE equipment have been cut or modified;
  • The LINCE equipment has been opened, modified or repaired by unauthorised centres;

The existence of individual faulty units shall not result in the termination of the sales contract.


If the repair is out of warranty, the repaired/replaced material comes with a minimum warranty of six months from the date indicated on the repair technical sheet issued by LINCE laboratories or the LINCE authorised technical support centre. Alternatively, the original warranty of the product remains valid minus the period which has elapsed between the product purchase date and the date indicated on the technical repair sheet issued by LINCE laboratories or the LINCE authorised technical support centre.

Support at LINCE laboratories or LINCE authorised technical support centres

The material in or out of warranty must be delivered to the LINCE laboratories or the nearest Lince authorised technical support centres, with transport costs prepaid if shipped by courier, and will be returned at the customer’s expense if shipped by courier. The faulty equipment must be delivered to the support centre accompanied by a product repair request form, with all the relevant parts correctly filled in (the form can be downloaded from the website www.lince.net). If no product repair form is provided, the material will be returned during the acceptance stage.

Product in warranty:

  • No charge

Product not in warranty:

  • €30/hour (+VAT) hourly cost plus the cost of any material used/replaced. For repair costs over €30 or 50% of the value of the list price, a quote for the expenses will be sent for confirmation.


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