The TOSCA wireless control panel GOLD series is provided with 64 wireless inputs and 2 wired inputs, expandable to 7. Compatible with all devices of the GOLD series, indoor and outdoor detectors, magnetic contacts, sirens and remote controls. The communication protocol is digital and operates from the frequency of 869,400 MHz to 869,650 MHz; the wireless range from the control panel to the peripherals is over 1300 m in free air. The safety and reliability of the wireless communication is guaranteed by FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum), TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). The battery life of peripherals is ensured by a sophisticated software that modulates power output transmission between peripheral and control panel depending on the distance of the devices themselves and the obstacles to be overcome. The communication protocol is bidirectional so allowing to know in real time the status of the system. When the programs are disarmed the devices, related to the programs disarmed, are turned off with the exception of the tamper function, allowing a considerable saving of battery life. All devices can be configured through the control panel (PIR sensitivity, Microwave range, combinations of detection etc …). Adding GSM communicator is possible to have a full remote management through SMS by the official APP “LinceGSM” downloadable from Play Store and Apple Store. The programming and the managing of the system can be done from the keyboard of the control panel or through a PC/Tablet adding the board 4124EURONET that allows also the complete programming, upgrading and managing of the system via Internet. The Tosca GOLD is compliant with EN 50131-1 Grade 2 and is housed in an ABS case – type flame retardant – that can contain a 2.2 Ah lead battery (not included). The installation is simplified thanks to a system of quick coupling for connection to the the main power supply network without the need to open the control panel.

  • Frequency: 869,400 MHz ÷ 869,650 (1 channel) – 868,00 MHz ÷ 868,6 MHz (4 channels)
  • FHSS – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
  • TDMA – Time Division Multiple Access
  • AES – Advanced Encryption Standard
  • Wireless range: 1300 m free air
  • Wired zones: 2 (expandable to 7 with item 4005EUROPLUS/IN)
  • Wireless devices: 64 (detectors, sirens, remote controls)
  • Wireless zones: until 64
  • Wireless sirens: until 64
  • Wireless remote controls: until 64
  • N.C. Zone 24 h: 1 input
  • Output Alarm Relays: 1 (5 A two relaxed states)
  • Arming/Disarming Areas: 3
  • Arming/Disarming Programs: 7 (combinations of areas)
  • External independent Arming/Disarming Area: 1
  • O.C. Output: General Failure, max 80 mA
  • O.C. Output: System Status, max 80 mA
  • O.C. Output: Free programmable, max 100 mA
  • Event log: non-volatile memory, 512 events with filter query
  • User codes: 32
  • Access level of users: Admin, User, Installer
  • Programming, upgrading and managing through PC/Tablet: accessory board 4124EURONET
  • Programming, upgrading and managing via Internet: accessory board 4124EURONET
  • Power Supply: 230 Vac 50 Hz
  • Power Adapter: 14,5 Vdc 2,5 A
  • Dimensions: 358 x 223 x 53 mm

With GSM accessory board 9512-GOLD-GSM

  • Loads O.C. Outputs: 2
  • Vocal messages: BUS alarm, 24 h alarm, Alarms, Loads status and responder
  • Vocal messages recording: TTS (Text To Speech)
  • Programming and managing: SMS (LinceGSM APP for Apple iOS and Android)
  • Phone numbers stored: 16
  • Room surrounding: independent from alarm status
  • Memory: Non-volatile storage of settings in case of power failure
  • Alarm in progress block: local keyboard and / or remotely via the dedicated terminal
  • SIM status: residual credit and expiring through SMS

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